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ARSEC is an integrated Homeland Security Company, founded as a joint venture between two Security experts from Israel and Aruba. The company provides comprehensive security solutions to Government agencies, to corporates in the private sector and to individuals. The security challenges of our time require creative solutions that combine operational and intelligence knowledge, technology and high ability to understand the modus operandi used by the modern criminals and terror organizations. Our goal is to minimize the risks and threats that our customers are facing, and protect their most valuable assets: people, property and information. We also offer a variety of training programs and seminars designed for law enforcement and security professionals . In addition, we offer several other programs designed for non professional individuals.

ARSEC was founded by Mr. Oren Raz, former Head of Security for Israeli Embassies at the Israeli Security Agency, and by Mr. Aaron Antersijn, an experienced security consultant in the private sector and the founder of ARDA corp. We will work with you in order to create tailor made security plan that meet your special needs and goals in this area.